Miles Kitching

Homeowner, Stoke Bishop

Dear Richard

You and your colleagues have been regular visitors to our house over the past three months.  The work has been varied including

  • renewing and replacing old lighting
  • additional and new sockets
  • rewiring the attempts of former “electricians”
  • installation of a heat recovery air ventilation system upstairs

It is always a pleasure to welcome LA Electrical into our house.  Your team are courteous whilst being good humored; offer suggestions and well considered recommendations; work efficiently and professionally.

Whereas with other electricians i have felt uneasy about work done in the house – but hopelessly unqualified to challenge it, with LA Electrical I feel assured that the correct advice has been given and more importantly the job has been done right.

As you are aware we are looking at a large extension at the rear of our property within the next 6 months.  i can assure you LA Electrical will be involved from planning the rooms through to installation.

Thank you very much for the assistance you have given us and the work you have done thus far.  You will be back!