20% rise in EV sales for May!


20% rise in EV sales for May!



20% rise in May 2016 vs May 2015

2,345 plug-in vehicles were sold in May compared to 1,947 vehicles in May 2015. This represents an impressive increase of 20.4% and continues the positive trend in growth in the UK. These sales represent all plug-in electric vehicles which are eligible to receive the UK government plug-in car grant. There are many thousands more EVs on UK roads which do not qualify for the grant.

Plug-in vehicles include 100% electric, range extender and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

One plug-in electric vehicle sold every 13 seconds!

16,056 plug-in vehicles have been sold between Janaury & May 2016 vs 12,022 vehicles in the same period last year. This represents an overall increase of 33.6%.

Based on an 8 hour working day and a 7 day week, that is one plug-in electric vehicle sold every 13 seconds!

2016 is set to be the fifth year in a row of consecutive growth, bringing with it increased demand for electric vehicle charging points, for commercial premises, domestic houses and on street parking.

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