Fish Tank Fire Tragedy Avoided


Fish Tank Fire Tragedy Avoided

After a recent fish tank fire, in a South Gloucestershire home, should the public be asking serious questions? Do we believe fires caused by electrical appliances are becoming more common, should householders be concerned and importantly how can we protect ourselves?

LA Electrical have now witnessed the consequences of two fires in past months.

The first during an autumn night in Filton, Bristol. A head torch charger went up in smoke, with a family sleeping up stairs. Their fire alarm woke them in time to call the Fire Service. The fire caused considerable damage, scorching the lounge and smoke damage throughout the house. The householders wanted confirmation their installation was safe, following repair works. Insurers called LA Electrical to inspect and provided an Electrical Installation Condition Report, to give that peace of mind.

Following this; Local Couple, Chris & Karen were awoken at 3am, just weeks before Christmas, by their household smoke alarm. A everyday mundane item, the Fish Tank, whose electric filter enclosed in the top cover,went up in flames.

So can we trust our electrical appliances? We can’t say although these two events are quite disturbing. They should be of concern to Trading Standards officials and the Authorities. . However what is certain; every home should have a reliable, working and tested British Standard fire alarm & smoke detector system, because the consequences are too grave to consider.

Chris and Karen said after their Fish Tank fire:

“We are absolutely sure, we would not be here today if our alarm had not woken us.”

Fortunately Chris was able to extinguish the fire, without calling The Fire Service.  The effects of the fumes weren’t a pleasant experience however and cleaning up will be a long arduous process.

Get a fire alarm before it’s too late!

LA Electrical recommend all homes should have an extensive fire detection and alarm system. We further strongly advise; home warning devices are hard wired to mains electricity, have a battery back up and are linked together to be heard everywhere.

LA Electrical would be pleased to offer advise on suitable fire detection systems for your property.

See the Fire Service recommendations: –

Fish Tank Fire
The resulting damage from the Fish Tank Fire
The fish tank
The offending fish tank
Electric filter caught fire
Electric filter in the cover caught fire

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