Preparing to move church bells


Preparing to move church bells

After 20 years experience in the trade LA Electrical was set a new challenge this year.

Almondsbury Church are removing all five bells from the tower by cutting holes through two floors.  The bells will be lowered down into the main chancel and wheeled out of the the front door. They will go to the only foundry in the UK in London to be tuned. The bells need to be quarter/eighth turned. This is because they are severely worn where the clapper hits the bell. Major work was last done on the bells in 1903.

To complicate matters during the past 111 years, the building has had electricity installed. Cables, lights and audio systems were barring the way.

Our expertise has been commissioned to move the obstructing electrics from the 13th century bell tower and re-light the ringing room with LED lighting. This had to be done to ensure the church is fully powered in time for the services this weekend.

Divine intervention would have been useful, but experience counts for everything because I can tell you a good deal of it was needed just to get the ladder up into the belfry as we dragged it up a 10m side wall across the roof and into the tower!

bell wheels in the belfryInside the bell ringing tower

LED lighting in the bell ringing room

Updated LED lighting for bell ringersLED floodlights lighting up the bell tower

Consideration had to be given on how to update the lighting for the bell ringers. To make room for the bells to be removed the chamber had to be lit from the side. They were concerned about the effects of shadows and wanted to be able to move the lights if necessary. To solve this problem we installed four movable LED flood lights on a bar.


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