Keeping Electricians Working


Keeping Electricians Working


Looking for positives during the Covid -19 crisis are few and far between.

Consider, with buildings largely empty, there are opportunities to bring forward construction and maintenance projects. Above all, on small sites, where the number of folks are not excessive.

Just think of the progress a lone decorator could achieve, left to his own devices, in an empty building.


No more so than with Electricians. Where individuals or small teams can beaver away in almost solitude. Without causing the normal disruption to jobs, interrupting power supplies or avoiding other building users. Where normally everyone is competing for the same space.


The crisis will be over at some point. These and plans and maintenance issues are not going away. This may be an opportunity to get projects underway and take advantage of the situation.

Consider people coming back to general life and work in improved surroundings. Finding, better premises than before they left, when life turned upside down. Sports facilities, community halls, schools, offices; renewed, repaired. All in superior condition, before this all started.

All this is just a thought and it may develop to be not possible if we face total confinement.

However the world will not stop turning. Our buildings, always in need in need of TLC, could benefit. They’ll still here be for us, when this is over. Hopefully looking better for the experience.

Let’s plan to be positive. Let’s look for and take opportunities to keep working, where it’s reasonably safe to do so.

And we haven’t even got onto the possibilities and potential for garden lighting & open air work, with spring just appearing.

Staying in business through storm, drought and pesky viruses.


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