What to do if my RCD trips out?


What to do if my RCD trips out?

So your sockets or lights aren’t working and you’re not sure what to do. LA Electrical are here to help with this handy little step-by-step guide. You can print it out or save this to your favourites so you know what to do next time!

1. Don’t panic!

It’s OK, this does happen from time to time and everything is probably all OK.

Go to your consumer unit, use a torch if you have one nearby or on your phone. Go careful, it’s probably dark!

2. Locate the consumer unit and reset the RCD

On this fuse board there are 2 (I’ve highlighted them below). They will be marked ‘RCD’ and will have a button called ‘Test’ above or next the switch.

If the switch is down, try to flick it back up. Sometimes you have to push the switch down before putting up. This should solve the problem.

Sometimes the RCD trips because of something called ‘nuisance tripping’. Nuisance tripping can happen when a light bulb blows. 

3. I’ve tried to reset the RCD but it keeps tripping!

No problem. Now flick down (off) all the MCB’s (Miniature Circuit Breakers) next to the RCD and try to reset the RCD (I’ve highlighted the MCB’s associated with the RCD below). The RCD should reset and stay up. If this does not happen then please contact us as there maybe another issue.

If the RCD is stays on, systematically flick up (on) each MCB until the RCD trips out. The MCB should have a label below, this should show you which circuit the fault is on.

4. Unplug Everything/Turn everything off!

As most faults tend to be caused by an appliance, unplug and switch off everything on the circuit you’ve identified in the step above. If it’s marked downstairs sockets, unplug everything downstairs. Then try resetting the MCB. 

Please note: You may need to unplug and switch off everything in the house just in case.

If the fault was with an appliance the RCD should reset. 

Systematically plug everything back in and switch on until the RCD trips again. You have found your faulty appliance!

5. Ahh I’ve done all of that and the RCD keeps tripping!

Again, don’t worry. Although it looks like a fault on the circuit you’ve already identified, contact us and we’ll be able to fix it in no time.

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